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This is a list of courses in my path to a PhD at NCU. Completion dates in parenthesis.

MGT5031 – The History of Management Theory (09/23/2006)

MGT5019 – Ethics in Business (12/21/2006)

MGT5010 – Leadership in Organizations (06/29/2007)

MGT5016 – Managing Change (12/3/2007)

MGT5001 – Economics and the Modern Manager (02/23/2008)

MGT5012 – Managerial Accounting for Decision Making (05/28/2008)

MGT5002 – Marketing Management (10/6/2008)

ECM5006 – Integrated Supply Chain Management (01/26/2009)

MGT5028 – Business Statistics (04/26/2009)

RSH9101B – Research Topic, Problem, Purpose and Questions (08/24/09)

RSH9102B – Research Methods and Designs (12/24/09)

RSH9103QNB – Quantitative Methods (03/26/2010)

RSH9104B – Concept Paper (07/24/10)

CMP9200B – Doctoral Comprehensive Examination-Business (08/31/10)

DIS9321B – Doctoral Dissertation Research I (01/07/11)

DIS9322B – Doctoral Dissertation Research II (current)

DIS9323B – Doctoral Dissertation Research III

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1. Ahmad - March 17, 2009

Thanks for sharing this list with us, Cindy. I would be nice if you could add a couple of line under each of these course reflecting on your experience in each of the courses.


2. Ahmad - March 17, 2009

Thanks for sharing this list with us, Cindy. I think it would be nice if you could add a couple of lines briefly reflecting on your experience in each of the courses.


3. Charlevoixboy - August 3, 2009

Thank you for posting this Cindy. I am contemplating the same path and having your comments really helps answer the questions I don’t yet know – so I wouldn’t ask!


4. Michael - August 10, 2009

Hi Cindy, it’s always encouraging to see a fellow NCU student that is also pursuing their PhD. I just started my path into a PhD in Business Administration. Your site here is very interesting and encourages the heart. Thank you.

5. Bob Wainscott - December 27, 2009


Thanks for the blog…those considering a PhD at NCU can gain a sense of comfort from your words.

6. Darrin Pape - May 16, 2010

Hi Cindy,

I am looking to start a PhD or DBA in Business Administration and I am looking at many online schools. I graduated from UOP and I like the NCU program. Thank you for sharing your story in the process of getting your Ph.D.

7. Olga P., MBA - October 9, 2010

Cindy, I am also NCU PhD program student – BA with Advance Accounting concentration…so far so good; planning to defend my dissertation summer 2012.

8. thinkphd - October 10, 2010

Welcome everyone!

9. LJ - January 15, 2011

Hi Cindy,

Very interesting blog about your experiences. I too am a student at NCU and work full time for a large automotive supplier and teach P/T at a university. I’m currently taking the Research Methods and Design and have a week to go in this class. Sometimes this becomes overwhelming, but we forge on.

10. Ken - March 19, 2011

Hi Cindy… Keep up the good work. I think we are nearly on the same timeline. I am in DIS9323B – Doctoral Dissertation Research II. My DP has been approved by my committee and will go in front of the OAR on Monday.

Take care,

11. Paul - June 14, 2011

Hi John,
I am currently in…RSH9102B – Research Methods and Designs at NCU and look forward to any advance you can offer.


12. Joel - December 20, 2011

Hi All:

I am at NCU and currently in the BTM courses. So far it has been an interesting experience.
I am wondering if any one would help me in knowing what is a change matrix. Is it a writen document with the track changes on?
I will appreciate a lot your help

13. Marcia Hagood - January 1, 2012

Hi Cindy,

I’m currently finishing up the com exam 9200B course. I’m finding this course very challenging. Your blog is very inspiring Can you please provide som suggestions on how you successfully completed this cours.

14. Tom Gerard - March 27, 2012


I found your blog in a google search trying to get some help with RSH9102B (I just started it). At this point I feel like I have come a long way but feel a little burned out. I have many supporters but still feel a bit worn out. I have spent more time so far than it took to get my MBA and I still ahve a long way to go.
Thanks for your encouragement. It is always nice to hear that someone made it.

15. Stan - May 1, 2012

Hi Cindy,

I have really enjoyed your blog. I just started RSH9102B. I am trying to figure assignment 1 any suggestions. You are suppose to use your problem statement from your topic paper. Any suggestion?


16. ben - May 23, 2012

Hi Cindy,
Thank you for sharing your experience with NCU.I have been very hesitant to start my phd because of the BIG doubt that I had about this University. Your blog was a big help in settling some of the doubts that I had. By the way, I came across your think pad via Google,I needed to know more wether the phd from NCU degree will be taken seriously in academia at all? Would ‘mortar and brick ‘institutions hire me to teach.How about consultationy t ? Like you said I will be well over in my 50s by the time I graduate.I am now 46. I am considering to enroll for PHd with concentration in Computer science.I would greatly apprecte it if you share your experiences regarding the prospect of getting emplyment, academia or consulting firms.pls help.Me and my wife had been greatly disappointed with a school some years ago while we were in Europe.We have pid dearly for our lack wisdom in joining that schoo.
we can not go through a simmilar heartache again.any advise from you will help me make informed decision to join or not to join pls help.

17. Darrin Pape - May 28, 2012

It was a real joy watching your journey. I am also inspired to attend NCU. My son is 21 months, so will have to wait a little longer to start. Congratulations.

18. Kim - November 3, 2012

HI, I too am a NCU student following the same path you took. It is nice to have this blog out there to support others following in your foot steps.

19. John - February 2, 2013

Would you happen to have a copy of the RSH9101B course? I want to take a look at it, before I decide what to do.



20. Pet - March 2, 2013

Hi Guys I am starting my CMP9200B course next week. I am terrified at the thought of what angle do you write from, I know the questions should not be answered as summary report papers. Can someone who completed this course send me about 3 paragraphs of their paper? I just need a feel of some sort. Thanks