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MGT5010 – Leadership in Organizations

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

I started this class on April 1 but with all of the traveling that I have been doing I have not turned in an assignment until yesterday. This course has 5 assignments:

Assignment 1: 7 questions on topics in the text

Assignment 2: 8 questions on topics in the text

Assignment 3: 4 case studies to analyze

Assignment 4: 2 magazine articles to analyze

Assignment 5: paper on leadership topic

The class ends on June 24. I hope to get the second assignment completed today. I am on question #2.

We close on the new house in Richmond this week and plan to move at the end of May. It will take us a few weeks to paint and recarpet. There are also some repairs that we will have to make. We are very excited about the move!

We also have an outside offer on our house here in Alabama. Since I am in relocation for the company, the house is in a buy-out program if we do not sell it. It would be great to sell it because my parents are living next door and the house would not be vacant.