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2012 DMD Self-Nomination and Election timeline notice

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Bob Uda, President of Lambda Eta Chapter of Delta Mu Delta at Northcentral University, has announced the schedule for Chapter Officers Elections and encourages all members to consider running for office. Officers’ terms will be from January 1 to December 31, 2012. To qualify for nomination and election, you must be a member of Lambda Eta Chapter, be prepared to perform all the duties of the office, and agree to uphold the chapter bylaws.

The duties of each office are:

President – assists with keeping the officers motivated; leads with whatever schedule is appropriate for chapter operation, including regular business meetings held at minimum the first week in June and December annually as per the bylaws; leads Officers’ meetings; ensures bylaws are understood by Chapter Officers; uses Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, as the parliamentary authority for meetings; moderates the Officer’s Installation Ritual for new officers following the Election of Officers

Vice President – functions as the chair of chapter activities, including but not limited to, moderating the New Member Induction Ceremony and leading local scholarship activities

Treasurer – keeps track of incoming memberships; retains copies of new member payments; assures prompt payment to Central Office for all items ordered; completes the chapter’s Financial Statement; ensures payments for products and scholarship monies are disbursed in a timely manner

Secretary – keeps track of the chapter’s records including, but not limited to, creating and retaining minutes of meetings; retains copies of membership data profile (MDP) forms; handles chapter correspondence; completes the Annual Report for the chapter with assistance from other officers and administrative assistant; conducts Officer elections; monitors NCU Honor Society Discussion Board and answers questions

Faculty Advisor – enforces compliance with the Chapter’s bylaws and conformance with National Chapter standards and regulations; assists the National Chapter; represents the Chapter at meetings and conventions of the National Chapter; serves as liaison between the National and local Chapter; works with the school’s administration; attests to the eligibility of memberships; monitors the chapter for compliance to bylaws; is the conduit of communications with Central Office

The schedule for Elections is:

Wednesday, November 2: self-nomination for Chapter Officers opens

Monday, November 28: self-nominations close

Wednesday, November 30: election opens for all Chapter Officers and Faculty Adviser via online ballot

Wednesday, December 7: election closes

Thursday, December 8: New Chapter Officers notified

Saturday, December 10: Chapter Officers Induction Ceremony

****Are you a member of Lamba Eta Chapter? Download the Delta Mu Delta Lambda Eta Officers Self-Nomination Form here:


Still waiting…

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

I am still waiting for Office of Academic Research (OAR) response in regard to my Dissertation Manuscript (DM) submission over a week ago. Technically, they are supposed to respond within a week. I have been on pins and needles all week, and the stress is showing in the bags under my eyes. Sometimes I feel ambivilent and tell myself it will be what it will be. Other times, I think about things I might have added or enhanced or were missing. I listened to four DM presentations this week trying to get a feel for how they run so that I will be prepared. Then I think – whoa – you are getting the cart before the horse – you are not even approved yet!

Today, I am very nervous and wondering if I will have major re-writes or nothing to do this weekend. Does a delay mean they LOVE my DM and are reading it over and over just for fun (!!), or does it mean they are nitpicking it and are writing extensive correction notes, or does the delay simply mean they are busy this week? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!