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Waiting and fixing October 23, 2011

Posted by thinkphd in : DIS9324B , trackback

I continue to wait on Dissertation Committee member Dr. W’s return of my DM. Technically Committee members have 7 days to review my paper but today is Day 9. So I have done these things yesterday and today:

– placed the change matrix in front of the DM – I had it as a separate document but Dr. M says to put it at the front
– updated the change matrix to show accurate page numbers where the changes were made
– addressed Dr. B’s recommendations to the DM
– augmented the Chapter 5’s Conclusion to help “tie” it together with some points made earlier
– since I never received permission to use a specific figure from its author, I deleted the figure and updated the table of contents (TOC) and wording that referred to it as a figure
– I responded to thinkPhD reader emails
– I corrected all my et al. errors. I have a tendency to write (Author, et al, 20xx). There should be no comma after the author’s name, and a period after the “al” – thanks Word for the find and replace function!
– I wasted time on the NCU Discussion Board and made a few comments
– I looked online at the photo of Mariah Carey’s cute new twins (certainly not a time waster – they are so CUTE)
– I turned in my “Weekly Dissertation Update” as required by the school
– I read the entire 217 page DM one more time…it’s a real sleeper!

So waiting and fixing is what I will be doing today. I hope to receive my DM back from Dr. W, make the corrections, and send it back asap to Dr. M so that he can submit it to the OAR before the end of my class on Oct 30!

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1. Suzanne Darrow - October 24, 2011

Good luck, Cindy! I am also attending NCU, I’m in the PhD ED program (Ed Tech), and am finishing up RSH9101E. I am currently functioning on 3 1/2 hours of sleep, I was up until 2:30 AM putting the final touches on my abridged literature review. The darn thing ended up being closeto 20 pages long! I laughed when I read your comment about fixing the ‘et al.,’ references as I did this same exact thing in the wee hours of the morning. Now I need to focus and pull everything together for the final assignment, the topic paper, but I’m thinking this won’t be so bad as I already have all of the pieces in place and have been refining them over the course of the class. Last day of class is October 31st, then I am taking a full 2 weeks of before starting my next class–I need the break!! Hope you get good news soon 🙂