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The Rabbit’s Dissertation March 26, 2011

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I found this little story today and encourage you to read it if you are working on your dissertation….it may put things in perspective!

The Rabbit’s Dissertation by A. Gerstlauer


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1. Steven T. Syrmopoulos - April 7, 2011

Cynthia, what an excellent story! An inspiration as I am midway RSH9104 (for the second time) the first round passed without me having had time to even turn in a single assignment! At one time, we could sign up as our schedules allowed and we had a reasonable 16 weeks to complete a course, now it’s more like a death march… “If you don’t sign up by this date, then we will…” Seems more about the money than anything else, but I must confess, the motivation to finish just to get the degree and get the heck out of there (NCU) is greater than ever!