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Student loan paid off – oh happy day! March 21, 2011

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I am happy to announce that I paid off my student load today! Yippee! I had a Wells Fargo loan, not a federal loan. The bank did not require any payments until after graduation, but I went ahead and made payments all along. I did not want to wait until after graduation to pay — I just did not want that stress! Making the last lump sum payment felt very good, even though I was afraid the bank and I would be disconnected because we are in the midst of a thunderstorm. No worries, though, and my payment was accepted. I wrote PAID OFF in big letters on the most recent loan statement. Now, we can SAVE that payment amount each month.

It feels GREAT!

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1. Dan W - March 24, 2011

Another question if you would.
I am struggling with the formatting of my COMPS questions. Would you be willing to share with me a few pages of your COMP paper from the CMP course? You could email it to the below address if you would be so kind. Congrats on your DP….you are almost there!