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Passed Comps! September 9, 2010

Posted by thinkphd in : CMP9200B,DIS9321B , trackback

I turned in my comps exam on 08/30 and Dr. H had it graded and back to me the next day. I passed! One of the questions that I thought I did poorly on, he commented that it was my best. The question that I thought I did the best with, he commented that it was lacking! I thought this to be pretty strange. However, all I had to do was pass, and I did. So I am very happy!

I checked with my advisor and found out that they do not automatically send out the ABD “All But Dissertation” congratulations letters. I have to enroll in the next class, which is DIS9321B. That queues the letter to be sent out. My grade for comps will not post until after the class ends on 10/24. I plan to start DIS9321B on October 1st, so this weekend I will be working on my concept paper so that I can turn it in on the first day of class.

But for now, I am reveling in knowing I PASSED COMPS!!!

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1. Chris Nissen - September 17, 2010

I am also an NCU leaner and start CMP9200E on 10/1/2010. Thanks much for posting your journey. It will save me a few headaches.

2. Vince Palombo - September 17, 2010

Congrats, Cindy!
I”ll be starting on the CP course on Oct. 1. You are moving so fast, I can’t keep up with you-

3. Ken - October 24, 2010

Congratulations! I just finished Comps this weekend.

4. Tony Winston - June 20, 2011

What info can you tell me about Comps? I am just finishing RSH9102 and will start quantitative methods in July. I plan to take CMP9200 in Jan, 12

5. Tayo - October 9, 2012

Your posts have been quite motivating and encouraging. I recently passed my comps and now enrolled in the DIS9321B class. Any suggestions on developing time lines?