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Day 22: 3/4 completed August 22, 2010

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I finished up comps question #2 today. This question involved comparing qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The most difficult part of the question involved identifying ways in which a researcher would note that his selected methodology was incorrect. I found almost no references regarding that part of the question. I believe I answered it by using statements I found about how research is supposed to turn out, and turning those statements around. For example, I discussed inconsistencies between data collected and the problem statement. I think I worked about 30 hours on that question.

I have one more comps question to work on; this last one is about ethics. It involves perceptions about the fair and ethical treatment of employees. The question mentions the “concept of the fairness heuristic” as it is used as a “gauge of the potential success or failure of a corporate ethics program”…something I know absolutely nothing about! So it looks like most of this week will involve work to ground myself on the topic.

We actually went on a mini-date today. There is a new winery just down the road and we went for a tasting. Of course the wine was good but the best part was talking to the owners about their winery and the wines. For supper we enjoyed the homemade fresh tomato spaghetti sauce I made yesterday.

I have a busy week this week and so it’s pretty unlikely that I can devote a lot of time to writing. My plan is to work on collecting research so that I can complete the final comps question next weekend. Wish me luck!

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