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Measurements/Assessment Paper June 19, 2010

Posted by thinkphd in : RSH9104B , trackback

I am working today on the Measurements/Assessment Paper (RSH9104B activity 5); I have to break now and return to it later because we have commencement for the University of Phoenix, Richmond, where I am an instructor.

I find that the syllabus is a bit confusing on #5 and #6, here is the wording:

#5 Measurements/Assessment
Scan your annotated bibliography for information about how others have identified and operationally defined the variables/constructs that are similar to the ones you have identified for your dissertation topic. Write your Measurements/Assessments paper summarizing this literature and include sections that define your dissertation’s variables or constructs. For quantitative research, you will need to address issues relative to measurement validity and reliability. Specifically, you will need to report on and document established psychometric properties for pre-existing measures and how you will assess validity and reliability for measures you create. For qualitative research, you will need to focus on the way in which constructs/themes, etc., are to be assessed in a manner that establishes credibility, dependability, and integrity.

#6 Justify Research Design
Prepare a paper reflecting on the appropriateness of the research design proposed for your dissertation research – including a restatement of the problem, purpose, proposed research design and appropriateness of an proposed research method, research questions, and definition of variables/constructs. For quantitative research, this will include discussion of the operationalization and measurement of variables, precise statements of hypotheses, etc. For qualitative research, this will include discussion of the definition of constructs, criteria for assessment, etc. The proposed mode of data collection and analysis must be discussed for all proposed designs.

When these are compared to the Concept Paper template (all activities build up to the CP), it is not clear which of these fit in the section “Research Method” exactly. I plan to take both what it states in the syllabus and the text comments in the CP template and build the two papers at the same time. I wish the syllabus stated which papers go in which sections in the CP but it does not. In other words, the CP is not an exact match to what the syllabus activities are. It would be great if we had some direction on that. I am also discovering that others are getting different instructions from their mentor/chairs about how to manage these assignments.

I wish I had a quantitative approved CP to look at to see how it all fits into the CP template. I will just continue to work on this and pray that my CP will be accepted.

The next assignment, #7, is to revise the annotated bibliography, and then #8 to pull the concept paper together. Then after revisions I turn it in for committee and University review.

So as I baby-step through this course I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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1. Bob Street - June 20, 2010

I have a copy of an approved quantitative CP (from someone else); if you would like a copy of it; let me know.

2. Free CNA Training - June 24, 2010

Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

3. Sharon Dean - June 25, 2010

I too would like to see a copy of an approved CP. I am having a rough time also understanding what to do for assignment #5. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

4. Bob - August 4, 2010

Could you help with activity 5? I’m stuck in the mud….brain dead…..

5. Al Cablay - October 9, 2010

RSH9104B…Quantitative CP needed too

6. Phenix - December 3, 2010


Would love to see any samples for Assignment 5 and 6 as well as any sample concept papers that are out there.

Gee, would love you like a brother or sister if you could help out.


7. Ed Bogats - December 13, 2010

Hi All, I am in the same boat and do not know how to start this thing out. I am in a qualitative study and could use some guidance or review a sample document if anyone out there has one. Thanks so much in advance..ED

8. Fuad Hafidh - February 8, 2011

Hi all, I am also taking the same cause right now stuck on assignment #5 any help would be great. I f I could see any example will be a blessing. thanks so much in advance..Fuad

9. Joe K. - March 14, 2011

I’m the next person in line for a copy of an approved CP. I am in RSH9104B trying to complete assignment 5 and would love to review any samples. Very much appreciated. Joe.

10. jared - March 31, 2011

i have been stuck of this one also for 2 weeks? may i ask what university is

11. thinkphd - March 31, 2011

Hi Jared,
I attend Northcentral University. Good luck with your assignment!

12. Cindy Beck - May 2, 2011

This is crazy! I typed in “psychometric properties for pre-existing measures” from my NCU CP assignment #7, and this was the first return listed. Apparently my #7 was your #5. Can I ask what you ended up doing? Like you, this one has me stumped! It was due a week ago, but I just can’t wrap my head around it!

13. H.A.D - December 5, 2011

Dear friends

I am also in bad situation with the assignment 5. I really dont know how to solve the paper. Could you please give me some comments and instructions. Also, if possible, please send me a copy of an approved CP. Many thank with best regards.

14. Reinaldo - December 13, 2011

I have problems understanding the assigment number #5 and #6 are very confusing. Can you provide me with some instructions on how to complete the assigment. Can you share your assigment number # 5 and # 6, so I can see how to complete mine.

15. Love - December 16, 2011

I am in the PHD program at NCU. The assignment is the same for RSH9104E assignments 7 and 8 and it did not make sense to me either!

16. vaughn Wallace - January 30, 2012

Hitting a road block with the Measurement/Assessment section. Help….. 3rd rewrite.

17. Barbara Lyngarkos - March 5, 2012

Starting Assignment #5. I am confused as to exactly what the paper is supposed to include. I looked at the CP template and it doesn’t seem to mesh with any part of the CP. Any example would be greatly asppreciated.

18. Doug Brown - April 30, 2012

Me too…..I also can’t get a handle on the research questions. 5 submissions now and he his not happy.

19. Melvin - May 3, 2012

I am currently completing the RSH9104B course as everyone did at the time they visited this blog. Is there somewhere that anyone can point me to in order to see a sample or get a handle on what is being requested for assignment 5 and 6.

20. Vanessa - May 13, 2012

I am currentIy struggling on activity 5 & 6 as well. I would also like to see any samples of those.

21. Lakeshia - June 19, 2012

I need help with assignment 5 anyone with any guidance, I will truthfully be grateful. A template or something….

22. Rhonda - July 3, 2012

I am currently completing RSH9104 as well and I am in need of any help that I can get with assignment 5 and 6. I would like to get examples and well as a approve concept paper if at all possible.

23. Nanlisha - July 6, 2012

I am completely lost on assignment 5 and I could definitely use ANY assistance available.

24. Connie - September 27, 2012


Turning in Assignment 4 and getting ready? for assignment 5, 6,7,8… Any help would be appreciated. Examples would be great.
Thanks, Connie

25. Kimberly - January 1, 2013

I’m right there too. The previous assignments have not been clear and I have had to redo a number of them in this class. I too am looking for information on Measurement/Assessment of Variables/Constructs in RSH 9104B.

26. Wiley - January 6, 2013

Ok, let me add my name to the list. I am also stuck on #5, #7 and #8. #7 is presenting the most challenges. Can someone please help. I’m working on a Phenomenological study. Does anyone know where I can look at a University approved qualitative CP?
Any help with the assignments listed will be greatly appreciated.

27. Warren Martin - February 2, 2013

Hi Everyone, Same here and working on this assignment. I also see where the measurement/assessment does not fit exactly for me in the CP, but I am also doing Qualatitive.

Appreciate a forward of example CP

Working on Organizational leadership