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Archive for January, 2009

Finished ECM5006, Starting MGT5028

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

So, I am all finished ECM5006 with four assignments, with a 95, 98, 100 and 100. This works out to a 98% which carries forward my 4.0 average in these post grad courses at Northcentral University. I start MGT5028 on 02/01/09 but since I have the syllabus and text, I started the assignments today.

MGT5028 uses SPSS, which is a computer program for statistical analysis. The book required by the syllabus is: SPSS 16.0 Guide to Data Analysis & 16.0 OS/WIN PK by Marija J. Norusis. The software has only two opportunities to open so I decided to go ahead and purchase rather than buy used. I searched around and found that mypearsonstore.com was cheaper than the school store by about $20. Mypearsonstore.com also gives free shipping! About three days later I received a package and opened it up….and there was a PHYSICS book in the box! I called Pearson and they told me to donate the book and they would send the correct text that I ordered, which they did Next Day Shipping.

You know, it is rare these days to find a company willing to accept their error and do whatever it takes to make the customer satisfied. Pearson definitely has my loyalty! I am just kinda sorry that I did not know about this website sooner. Of course, Pearson has a lot of wonderful titles so I am sure to use them in the future.

My experience got me thinking about how customer service makes a difference in the success of a company. Most companies (even my employer) considers customer service to be an entry level position. I find it hard to understand why a firm would allow new employees to be their front line to the customer!

ECM5006: Assignment 2

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

I was pleased to receive assignment 2 back from Dr. C with a 98. Our papers are graded on a 100 point scale, with 70 points for content and 30 for writing. The grading rubric further extends content into focus, development and organization.

Excellent (94 to 100 points) is described as:

Learner demonstrates a well-developed focus, thorough points of development, and a logical pattern or organization of discussion ideas and concepts required in assigned activity.
-Substantially achieved stated learning outcome(s)

-Substantially integrated key concepts and terms from course materials.

-Substantially evaluated, concluded, and applied concepts learned-demonstrated learning through use of examples and/or illustrations.

-Supported insights and assertions through research and use of additional outside academic resources

Dr. C. added comments throughout the paper’s text, letting me know that I was on track. One of his statements indicated he thought my work was excellent. He also said, “Great work on the case.” I have been able to use some of the knowledge gained through my work (I work in supply chain). Analyzing cases is no fun but I think I have developed a formula for them. The trick is not to just answer the questions, but to really use critical thinking. Sometimes the questions are “leading” questions and seem to have a simple answer. However, if you question the questions and look for ways to bring in good sources, then the case will fall together.

 Today I am at my parents’ house in GA and not able to focus on the next paper. However, I did drag my book with me and will likely do some reading tonight. There are no case studies for the 3rd and 4th assignments, only discussion questions. Assignment 3 has 7 questions and assignment 4 has 4. I hope to dedicate some time to these when we get back. December was a busy time at work and I did not have much time to work on assignments. This year I get an extra week of vacation and I plan to use one day (minimum) per month. I am most successful when I can take a large block of time to work on assignments rather than 15 minutes here and 2 hours there. I am interested in how you manage your assignments…do you work well in small bites or marathons?