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Back to Work October 5, 2008

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I have missed some blogging opportunities lately and today I am finally back to work on my blog. September was a very difficult month on a personal level as my father was diagnosed with larynx cancer. I spent most of September with my parents helping with his care after surgery. He has additional surgery scheduled in October.

This family crisis usurped my time to write and work on classwork. I had to request an extension from my professor and turned in the final paper yesterday. I could have turned in a paper on the final day of class but I felt it had no depth as I was not able to develop the topic as I normally do. A half-way-done assignment is not acceptable to me.

I am back to work but at MWV and back to work with schoolwork. I have paid for my next class, ECM5006 Integrated Supply Chain Management. After that class I will take MGT5028 Business Statistics and then jump into my doctoral coursework, which will consist of 8 courses.

I am getting pumped up as I close in on my goal of a PhD. If I had the money and the time, I would dash through the courses much faster. However, the cost is not covered by my employer and $1425/course + books is steep for me. I have set this as a goal and will work to make it happen!

By the way, if you are reading my blog and have questions about my experiences or choices, ask me a question or make a comment.

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