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Archive for May, 2008

A Serious Offense

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

On Friday, I was notified that one of my employees was suspended for harassing another employee. I was stunned. This is serious and human resources is reviewing the case. The company has clear guidelines regarding these issues and we have all been through training. The employee made a very bad decision and now must suffer the consequences. My heart goes out to this person who clearly did not consider what the results of the actions would be. I am just sick about the embarrassment this person is experiencing and his/her fear of dismissal. This team consists of two people which also means that the other person on the team must pick up the slack.

Our actions everyday affect other people. We don’t realize it until something like this happens – and someone complains. There will be a terrible toll on the person, the team, the company and the victim. There may also be litigation down the road. As the manager, I am placed in a difficult situation…I support my employee but must also uphold the values and rules of my employer. I can only speak to inquiries about work contributions.

I have never experienced this with an employee. I just can’t believe this is happening to this person for whom I have a great deal of work-respect. A simple (but stupid) act has skyrocketed to become catastrophe.

MGT5012: Time Eater

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

By far MGT5012 took more time than any other course to date. There were 12 assignments including papers and analyses. Today (Saturday) is the last day for this course and I did not finish up the assignments until Wednesday. Besides requiring a good bit of time, the next to last assignment referred to a chapter that was not in the 12e which was required for the course. Luckily, I also have the 11e and was able to complete the assignment. I told my academic advisor and the dean has been contacted.

Others have posted on the learner discussion board that the work load was manageable. I work a demanding job, plus I teach business courses and am a wife and mother. My time is very precious and this course sucked up just about all of my free time. It seemed like I was always working on a paper…either reading the text, researching, writing or reviewing my papers. I talked to one student who dropped the course after seeing the assignments!

My next course is MGT5002 Marketing Management. There are THREE assignments in this course. Of course, the assignments have high points potential!