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Tuition Increase January 12, 2008

Posted by thinkphd in : NCU , trackback

NCU has increased doctoral program tuition costs from $495 to $525 per credit hour as of Jan 1. A 3-hour course is now $1470 per course. I am lucky to have my tuition locked in until 06/30/09. Even with the increase, NCU’s doctoral program costs about $30K compared to University of Phoenix ($45K), Argosy ($47K) and Capella ($43K).

I am convinced that I will recoup the costs of tuition by increasing my pay as an adjunct and in career advancement. I wish that I had gotten my MBA earlier in life and followed it with my PhD. Those opportunities were not available to me as a young person. If I were just starting out, I would get as much education as I possibly could to move my career along faster. I did not realize how important education would become to me later in life. The cost is great but the advantages are greater. A tuition increase is a small price to pay spread over many years.  

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