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Archive for October, 2006

MGT5019 Assignment #1

Monday, October 9th, 2006

I worked today on Assignment #1 for the MGT5019 Ethics in Business course:

Read Business & Society Chapter 1. Article Review: Two articles, representing different points of view, are provided in course resources. Each article is by a noted management authority. You are to prepare a review of these articles which should include: a summary of the contents, comparison of the two points of view, and your opinion on the topic of social responsibility and business ethics. This assignment requires coursework files.

 Assignment Outcomes (1) Understand the perspectives of various parties who influence business decisions, and who are influenced by them (2) Analyze the conflicting objectives of these parties

I read Chapter 1 and the two articles twice. The syllabus was not clear about the number of pages required and Dr. C. responded to my note very quickly. I was impressed! The two articles represent opposing viewpoints and I will have to compare and contrast them. The Peter F. Drucker article is difficult to follow, and although I can see his point, I am not sure that he was totally clear with his reasoning. I will read the article again and this time, I will make an outline of it while reading. I want to pick up the themes and discuss each one. The other article is by Milton Friedman and it is equally as circuitous!

Ready, Set, Go

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

I received my book and started reading right away. So far, I have not worked on the writing part of any of the assignments, as my mother has been in the hospital. I hope to devote a whole day next week to working on assignment #1. How do I do this? Well, what else is a vacation day for? This first assignment includes reading chapter 1 in the text and preparing a review of two articles (provided), including a summary of their contents, comparison of the two points of view, and my opinion on the topic of social responsibility and business ethics.

I found out today that I will have to take a business trip next week on the same day that I teach a campus class (Friday). I will have to find a back up person in case my flight is delayed. Next week is already shaping up to be very busy. The busier I am, the more I have to do!