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Choosing the Next Course August 8, 2006

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I called and talked to my academic counselor, Rita, about which course to choose next. She was very helpful as we discussed the various Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration specializations:

Applied Computer Science

Business Quantitative Methods

Computer and Information Security

Criminal Justice

Electronic Commerce

Financial Management

Health Care Administration

Homeland Security

Human Resources Management

International Business


Management Information Systems

Management of Engineering and Technology


Organizational Leadership

Public Administration

Sports Management and Leadership

I had a number of credits to transfer to the program and so very soon I must make a decision as to which specialization to follow. Right now, I am considering Management, Organizational Leadership, Marketing, Financial Management or Business Quantitative Methods.

My original plan included working on a topic that was related to my current employment working in the seconds field. I have been trying to figure out which one of the specializations that it fits in! Of course, I do not have to choose something related, I should choose something that I enjoy or have some prior knowledge or work experience. I will take another look at the courses that are offered; perhaps I can narrow down to two specializations and choose a course that is in both of them.

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1. Darrin Pape - July 14, 2010

Which specialization did you choose?